Dissolution of Marriage, Collin McKean: Client Review

sccdev | April 3rd, 2020 | Article & News


“Collin McKean represented me throughout a demanding, heavily-contested divorce case that culminated in a multi-day trial. I found Collin to be knowledgeable, professional, ethical and effective, and in the end a really good person. His staff members were always polite and supportive. My case was complex, involving multiple real properties, many accounts, heavily-commingled inherited funds, wasteful spending, pensions, and disagreements over employability and retirement status. Mr. McKean grasped all of it, and crafted a detailed, nuanced narrative for the trial that illuminated the court’s understanding while undermining the opposing party’s aggressive, misleading ploys. The resultant outcome was very equitable and a huge relief; the court concurred with almost all of the divorce terms that Collin proposed at trial. In lessor hands, I could have ended up impoverished, but thanks to him, I can still have a life. I recommend him.”

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