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Dissolution of Marriage, Deanna Rusch: “If you need to WIN, you need DEANNA because that’s all her and her paralegal Dominique know how to do! Deanna is a lot like Chuck Norris. Both of them have never lost at anything they have ever done or attempted to do. Its a very well known fact that if Chuck Norris needed an attorney he would hire Deanna and her team faster than a bee stung stallion. Do yourself a favor and hire Deanna before your ex does! And tell her Brian sent you.”-Brian

Dissolution of Marriage Client

Misdemeanor, Zach Walsh: “Attorney Zach Walsh and his team was nothing but instrumental from start to finish. He helped me through my nerve racking case and kept a cool, calm and radiant demeanor which was much needed throughout this anxiety-induced process. He is very articulate, a tough negotiator and truly listens to your needs. He is Superman without the cape and corny red costume! Thank you so much, Atty. Zach for all your help and giving me another opportunity in life again! You are one of a kind!”-D.R

Misdemeanor Client

Dissolution of Marriage, Deanna Rusch: “I was one of the clients who had the nasty type of divorce, due to my ex wife lying about everything and wanting to take from me as much as she could, most of all she wanted to leave me out of my kids life. Deanna absolutely nailed my case in every shape and form, she has so much experience under her belt in every aspect, you name it. After my case was finally over due to respondent milking the time with divorce, I/Deanna won the case at 100% as we wanted. Deanna doesn’t waste your time and money, she always keeps it professional and her main strategy is to win and end the case as quick as possible. I very highly recommend Deanna as a Divorce/Child custody lawyer and have no doubt you will be very happy with her whether you’re simply looking for consultation or you have a tough case to fight. God bless Deanna and her team for always remaining at their best.”-Jeni

Dissolution of Marriage Client

Dissolution of Marriage, Deanna Rusch: “Hiring Deanna to represent my interests during my divorce was absolutely the best choice I could have made. Deanna is known to be one of the best divorce attorneys in the area, and just like me, you will definitely see why! She is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and makes all of the right moves to ensure the best outcome for you during this difficult time in your life. Without a doubt, Deanna positively crushed the competition and was able secure a marvelous outcome to the custody and financial issues at stake! Thank you, Deanna!”-Dan

Dissolution of Marriage Client