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Bankruptcy (Oregon)

Bankruptcy Solutions Offer Appropriate Relief for Specific Financial Problems

Bankruptcy relief is appropriate for financial conditions that are often out of our client’s control, i.e. natural disaster, job loss, divorce, or medical expenses. Nevertheless, the decision to file for bankruptcy relief requires informed consideration. The level of stress that collection calls and the threat of financial disaster have while one is navigating these financial problems can cause procrastination and further financial harm. Our attorneys understand your situation and understand the legal options available to provide the financial solution your situation requires. The bankruptcy process helps to provide for known outcomes through a transparent legal process. We at McKean Smith find our greatest reward in assisting clients with reaching their goal of beginning afresh with the opportunity to succeed moving forward.

Benefits of Filing for Bankruptcy in Oregon
Bankruptcy is not a solution to every financial problem, however, if you determine that bankruptcy is a solution for your financial condition, the attorneys at McKean Smith are ready to assist you today. You will be advised on whether you qualify for Chapter 7 liquidation relief, or whether a Chapter 13 repayment plan is available to you.

Some benefits of filing for bankruptcy relief include:
– Stop creditors from garnishing bank accounts or wages
– Stop creditors foreclosing on your home
– Stop creditors from calling you
– Avoid the shut-off of your utilities

The bankruptcy lawyers at McKean Smith offer free initial consultations and can help put an immediate stop to collection calls from debt collectors. If you are being threatened with foreclosure, we can help put a stop to the foreclosure process while you evaluate the solution to your financial and legal situation. We will discuss whether you may qualify for the relief of a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Collin McKean and Troy Nixon can help you navigate your options and can help you find solutions.

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