Family Law, Deanna Rusch: Client Review

“Deanna Rusch takes the stress out of stressful situations. She is a wealth of information and has experience with every situation. I highly recommend her.”
Family Law Client

Landlord/Tenant Issue, Sonia Montalbano: Client Review

“She helped us resolve a very difficult situation with a tenant. We were expecting litigation on both sides, but she calmly but forcefully got both sides to understand the other’s situation, and worked out an agreement without litigation. We were completely satisfied and feel she did a great job.”
Landlord/Tenant Law Client

Real Estate Transactions, McKean Smith: Client Review

“Have consulted several times on real estate transactions concerning arbitration, legal issues and addendum preparation that is out of my expertise as a Broker. My attorney was very knowledgeable and quick to respond when working within a contractual timeline situation. I have also referred him to my clients for Family Estate Planning. I highly recommend him and will use him in the future when needed.”

Real Estate Transaction Client

Post Dissolution, Deanna Rusch: Client Review

“Super honest. Very upfront about the process. Was in communication the entire time. Gave me peace of mind. I used Deanna for a parenting plan joint decision making contempt charge I was facing in regards to getting my son braces. I only wish I had hired her sooner. Commissioner had ruled in my favor and thrown out the contempt charge after hearing all of the facts and having known history about my case. Unfortunately, my ex-husband appealed the commissioners ruling. When the case was seen by a judge he was very black and white on the topic and unaware of past details which moved him to overrule the commissioner. Even with this outcome, I’m thankful I had Deanna and her team on my side. I still see it as a win/win. Commissioner ruled in my favor and my son is finally smiling in photographs. That’s a huge win in my and my families’ opinion. I’ll use Deanna again if needed. She knows her stuff and makes you a priority.”
Post Dissolution Client

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Dissolution of Marriage, Deanna Rusch: Client Review

“If you need to WIN, you need DEANNA because that’s all her and her paralegal Dominique know how to do! Deanna is a lot like Chuck Norris. Both of them have never lost at anything they have ever done or attempted to do. Its a very well known fact that if Chuck Norris needed an attorney he would hire Deanna and her team faster than a bee-stung stallion. Do yourself a favor and hire Deanna before your ex does! And tell her Brian sent you.”

McKean Smith and The Waterfront Vancouver

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Dissolution of Marriage, Deanna Rusch: Client Review

“I was one of the clients who had the nasty type of divorce, due to my ex-wife lying about everything and wanting to take from me as much as she could, most of all she wanted to leave me out of my kids life. Deanna absolutely nailed my case in every shape and form, she has so much experience under her belt in every aspect, you name it. After my case was finally over due to respondent milking the time with divorce, I/Deanna won the case at 100% as we wanted. Deanna doesn’t waste your time and money, she always keeps it professional and her main strategy is to win and end the case as quick as possible. I very highly recommend Deanna as a Divorce/Child custody lawyer and have no doubt you will be very happy with her whether you’re simply looking for consultation or you have a tough case to fight. God bless Deanna and her team for always remaining at their best.”

Dissolution of Marriage Client

Dissolution of Marriage, Deanna Rusch: Client Review

“Deanna represented me through my divorce and I feel so lucky to have had her by my side through this very difficult process. Her and her team are AMAZING! In addition to her vast expertise and efficiency, Deanna legitimately cares for her clients and always proceeds with their best interests in mind. I can’t say enough good things. Honestly, I am so grateful to her and Dominique! Thank you, thank you!”

Dissolution of Marriage, Deanna Rusch: Client Reviews

“Hiring Deanna to represent my interests during my divorce was absolutely the best choice I could have made. Deanna is known to be one of the best divorce attorneys in the area, and just like me, you will definitely see why! She is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and makes all of the right moves to ensure the best outcome for you during this difficult time in your life. Without a doubt, Deanna positively crushed the competition and was able secure a marvelous outcome to the custody and financial issues at stake! Thank you, Deanna!”

Estate Planning, Collin McKean: Client Review

“McKean Smith attorney and staff have been very professional and helpful to my case, still working with them.”

Dissolution of Marriage, Deanna Rusch: “Deanna Rusch at McKean Smith in Vancouver is by far the best family law attorney in the city.”-M.U

Dissolution of Marriage, Collin McKean: Client Review

“Collin McKean represented me throughout a demanding, heavily-contested divorce case that culminated in a multi-day trial. I found Collin to be knowledgeable, professional, ethical and effective, and in the end a really good person. His staff members were always polite and supportive. My case was complex, involving multiple real properties, many accounts, heavily-commingled inherited funds, wasteful spending, pensions, and disagreements over employability and retirement status. Mr. McKean grasped all of it, and crafted a detailed, nuanced narrative for the trial that illuminated the court’s understanding while undermining the opposing party’s aggressive, misleading ploys. The resultant outcome was very equitable and a huge relief; the court concurred with almost all of the divorce terms that Collin proposed at trial. In lessor hands, I could have ended up impoverished, but thanks to him, I can still have a life. I recommend him.”

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Dissolution of Marriage, Annelisa Smith: Client Review

“You are so kind and extremely smart. I am so very grateful for all your help, and Heather’s too, at this difficult time in my life. I’m amazed at how affordable you are!


Intended Parent Services, Gestational Carrier Agreement, Collin McKean: Client Review

“I wanted to thank you for keeping up with my anxiety and stressful emails last month. I am sorry if I came off as a wreck at times, but this has been a super tough time for me. I am so used to disappointment that I felt I needed to keep pushing. Either way, thank you for understanding and for working so hard for me.”


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