Here are some links to third party resources which can be helpful in understanding the the legal process and your legal issues.

Oregon State Forms

Oregon State-wide standard forms. Download these forms to see what is necessary to file your own case. Consider consulting with an attorney to get help understanding these forms and learning about your legal rights and responsibilities.

Washington Legal Self-Help Resources

Need a restraining order or help getting safe? The Gateway Center can help connect you to the right programs to protect yourself and your children.

Washington Child Support Calculator

Washington State Child Support Calculator Resource Online

Washington Forms

Washington State provides self-help instructions and standard forms for self-represented litigants.

Oregon Child Support Calculator

Try out the Oregon Child Support online Calculator to see what you may receive in support or what you may have to pay. This online form is a Turbo-tax style document. Let us know if you need help understanding how to better understand the way this calculation is used in every case involving children.

2013 Oregon Child Support Guidelines Overview

Review an overview of current Oregon Guideline Rules and how they differ from Rules in place prior to 2013.